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Seattle Shifts its Affordable Housing Policy

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© 2015 by the American Planning Association. Reprinted by permission of Planning magazine. In 2013, when the Seattle city council considered rezoning the South Lake Union neighborhood to allow high-rise development, it faced a dilemma. The city’s incentive zoning policy required developers to help meet the local need for affordable…

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Cornerstone’s Top 10 Blog Posts of 2014


Happy Holidays from Cornerstone Partnership! As an end-of-the-year special, we gathered the top 10 blog posts from this past year so you can remember the themes, ideas, and stories of 2014! Happy reading!     A Look at the Data: Greater Social Impact Through Long-Term Affordable Homeownership by Thane Maxwell,…

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Happy Holidays and Thank You for 2014!


Something unprecedented happened in the San Francisco Bay Area last week – school districts in several counties closed schools ahead of a major winter rain storm. For California kids who are growing up without ever experiencing a snow day or school closure of any kind, it was an unbelievable stroke of good fortune.…

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