Service Area: San Francisco, California Region
Target Buyer: Up to 55 to 120% of Area Median Income
Contact: Matt Warner, Program Manager
Affordability Model: Deed Restriction or shared appreciation based on jurisdiction
Resale Formula: Varies based on jurisdiction

MissionTo make places where people thrive.

Backstory: Based in California’s Bay Area, Hello Housing launched in 2005 to create community-integrated, publicly supported housing for people with developmental disabilities. Hello Housing launched Hello Stewardship in early 2012 to help local government, housing authorities, and private developers make and maintain responsible investments in affordable homeownership. Hello Stewardship provides program design and development; marketing, outreach and sales support; underwriting and processing; homebuyer qualification; homebuyer education on resale restrictions; post-closing administration; and, monitoring for homeowner compliance. They took on the program in late 2012, which was formerly administered by original CHIP grantee HomeBricks, and serve a growing portfolio of nearly 575 homes.

Plans: In the first year of the CHIP, Hello Housing’s work plan focused on establishing and refreshing policies and procedures, updating their website and marketing materials, transitioning their existing database to HomeKeeper, and developing strategies to preserve below market rate units at risk of foreclosure.

For more information about Hello Housing and the other CHIP grantees work, check out our Peer Learning Report.

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