Cornerstone Partnership and National Community Land Trust Network Moving Toward Integration

Over a year ago, I wrote about an exciting opportunity that Cornerstone Partnership and the National Community Land Trust Network (the Network) were exploring for a strategic partnership to increase our organizations’ impact and sustainability.   Since last October, we have been engaged in formal discussions around consolidating our efforts into a new, single organization. Ultimately, we agreed that consolidation would increase our efficiency and effectiveness in promoting housing policies and models to support equitable and inclusive communities.

This past month, members of the Network overwhelmingly approved important bylaws changes that would allow the Network to consolidate operations with Cornerstone.  This was an important milestone as we move to join the energy and expertise of two organizations into a single entity. Over the next months, Cornerstone and the Network will be laying the groundwork for the future success of our combined organization, with a plan to launch the new organization at the start of the new year 2016.

Cornerstone Partnership has long held a strong collaborative working relationship with the Network.  Our work, independently and together, has historically focused on the preservation and stewardship of long-term affordable homeownership, but increasingly, we have been asked to help communities create and implement more comprehensive strategies for sustaining economic diversity.   Affordable homeownership is one key component in these strategies, but it is only one piece of what will be a larger initiative to stabilize communities, preserve economic diversity, and tap into market growth to create a broad range of housing opportunity.

We still believe that strong, inclusive communities start with decent, affordable places to live and thrive. We are committed to providing expertise on policy & practice and  supporting our network of housing practitioners, advocates, and elected officials in strengthening their capacity & impact.   We will continue to produce and distribute our trainings, technical assistance, and resources in line with this goal.

As we get closer to the launch of the new organization, we will provide updates on any changes. Meanwhile, if you have any questions, you can contact us at Thank for your continued support of Cornerstone Partnership and the work we do.

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