Cornerstone’s Top 10 Blog Posts of 2014

Happy Holidays from Cornerstone Partnership! As an end-of-the-year special, we gathered the top 10 blog posts from this past year so you can remember the themes, ideas, and stories of 2014! Happy reading!



  1. A Look at the Data: Greater Social Impact Through Long-Term Affordable Homeownership by Thane Maxwell, Cornerstone Partnership
  2. CLTs – Not a Medieval Concept by Suzanne Cabrera,
  3. Saving Affordable Homes in the City of Novato by Hello Housing
  4. Unraveling the Mystery of CLT Financing by Brian Guyer,
  5. Is Homeownership Really Falling Out of Favor? by Rachel Silver, Cornerstone Partnership
  6. How Much is Too Much to Pay for Affordable Housing? by Rick Jacobus, Cornerstone Partnership
  7. Educate, Inspire, Motivate! Telling the Land Trust Story in Florida by Michele Hartson, Bright Community Trust
  8. The Quest to Create Standards for Affordable Homeownership by Hong Ly, Cornerstone Partnership
  9. Offering Stewardship Services for Hire? Tips You Should Know by Julie Brunner, OPAL Community Trust & Cornerstone Partnership
  10. How Homeownership Programs Are Using HomeKeeper to Up Their Game by Tiffany Eng, Cornerstone Partnership


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