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PAC Meeting – CBIA v City of San Jose: Potential Implications for Inclusionary Housing

Description The National Community Land Trust Network and Cornerstone Partnership invite you to learn about the state and local legal considerations for inclusionary housing policies from Rick Jacobus, Consultant for Cornerstone Partnership, and Ben Beach, Legal Director for The Partnership for Working Families. The presenters will review the recent California…

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Webinar – Inclusionary Housing Calculator Training

  Description Over the past year, Cornerstone Partnership has been working to develop a powerful new online tool, the Inclusionary Calculator, that will allow users to observe how different inclusionary housing requirements and incentives might impact the economic viability of hypothetical development projects.  Although it is not a replacement for professional real…

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Webinar – Inclusionary Housing Feasibility Analysis

Description One of the big questions in crafting inclusionary housing (IH) polices is how these policies might affect the viability of new development. To address this question, this webinar will train participants in financial feasibility analysis of IH policies. The training will preview the new Inclusionary Calculator Tool, which Cornerstone developed to aid such analysis.…

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Webinar – Inclusionary Housing: Fees vs Units

Description Is it better for inclusionary housing programs to insist on the provision of affordable units ‘onsite’ (within market rate projects) or to collect ‘in lieu’ fees which can be invested in offsite projects? On one hand, fee revenue can sometimes be used to leverage other funding sources to produce…

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Webinar – Affordable Housing at (Every) Last Resort: Successes and Challenges in America’s Favorite Places

Description In many ways, resort communities face the same challenges as the rest of America, such as community resistance to affordable housing, aging infrastructure, and environmental limits on growth. In other ways, they are worlds unto themselves with seasonal service jobs, part-year residents, and major demographic and economic disparity between the…

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Webinar – Stewardship for Inclusionary Zoning

Description Creating affordable housing is just the beginning for inclusionary zoning programs. Once the homes are created, cities need to steward the units to ensure they stay affordable and available for future generations. In this webinar, you will learn about the key best practices for cities to follow and will…

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Webinar – Using Upzoning to Increase Affordability

Description Many cities have increased the height allowed in a neighborhood, only to see a rash of luxury new developments, not affordable to the workforce. A better alternative is to tie the upzoning to voluntary or mandatory affordable housing requirements. There is a logical reason to connect unzoning to more…

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