Happy Holidays and Thank You for 2014!

Something unprecedented happened in the San Francisco Bay Area last week – school districts in several counties closed schools ahead of a major winter rain storm. For California kids who are growing up without ever experiencing a snow day or school closure of any kind, it was an unbelievable stroke of good fortune.

For me, it was an opportunity to reflect on the importance of the work we all do. In one way or another, we are all involved in helping to create and preserve warm, stable homes — places where kids can hunker down in a storm, or from which they can go out and splash in puddles, knowing there’s a dry place to return to.

Thank you for being a part of our partnership: for joining us in our webinars, for participating in the development of our Stewardship Standards for Homeownership programs, for working with us to implement effective local Inclusionary Housing policies, for helping us grow HomeKeeper, and for your feedback and appreciation. It has been an honor to support you in the work that you do.

We wish you all happy holidays and best wishes for 2015,
The Cornerstone Team

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