Best Practices for Implementing Inclusionary Housing Policies

A city with an inclusionary housing policy must be a good steward. This means being actively dedicated to the program’s ongoing administration and oversight to effectively preserve affordable housing over the long term. To do this, the city must ensure its program is taking care of renters and homeowners by giving them adequate support and education, and properly maintaining the affordable housing.

How to Be a Good Steward

There are many ways to ensure good stewardship. Some of these are:

  • Overseeing the production of new units priced to be affordable for working families
  • Pricing (e.g., setting rents) so that these units are affordable initially and over time
  • Marketing inclusionary housing opportunities widely, with special attention to underserved communities
  • Selecting eligible residents
  • Monitoring the units to ensure appropriate occupancy and payment of taxes and insurance

A well-run inclusionary housing program is a successful inclusionary housing program. Well-administered programs yield excellent results, while poor program administration can undermine the ability of a policy to create benefits for residents and communities. For example, in the wake of the foreclosure crisis, many working families who owned units priced to be affordable for their needs went into foreclosure. Cities had to make active decisions about how to keep these families from losing their homes.


These resources aim to help policymakers, advocates, and other stakeholders in cities that have already implemented an inclusionary housing policy, but need more information about how best administer the program to address potential challenges and ensure it is a success. Resources include:

  • Best practices for overseeing the production of new units and pricing those units
  • Best practices for marketing and overseeing inclusionary units
  • Best practices in program evaluation and assessment
  • Stewardship Standards for Affordable Homeownership Programs
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