We support practitioners, advocates, elected officials, and other housing professionals dedicated to keeping homes affordable and communities strong and diverse in the long-term. Ultimately, our work aims to scale best practices and increase the number of successful long-term affordable homeownership and inclusionary housing programs around the country. Click on one of the below topics to read about how we do this.

Strengthening Programs

We help housing professionals to develop and administer affordable homeownership and inclusionary housing programs. We’ve created assessments, tools, guides, and resources to advance effective programs.

Cornerstone Homeownership Innovation Program (CHIP)
Having been awarded a federal Social Innovation Fund grant from the Corporation for National and Community Service, we launched the CHIP in 2012 to grow local capacity and scale in up to 10 competitively selected affordable homeownership programs. Through CHIP, which is also funded by the Ford Foundation, we offer capacity-building grants and technical assistance to the CHIP Grantees and help them build resources that the whole affordable homeownership industry can use.
Learn more about the CHIP & Meet our CHIP grantees

Comprehensive Assessment Tool
Over 50 affordable homeownership programs have used our Comprehensive Assessment Tool to assess which national best practices they already follow and identify opportunities for improvement. Administered by a Technical Assistance Consultant, this tool produces an action-oriented report with references to available resources to help strengthen programs. We have assessment tools for both homeownership programs and inclusionary housing programs.
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Facilitating Peer Learning

Too often, housing professionals spend time and resources solving problems that have already been solved. As a peer network, the Cornerstone Partnership facilitates peer learning in many forms.

We host regular webinars on topics on interest to housing professionals
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Document Library
Our library features documents used by affordable homeownership programs every day, including examples from around the country and tools and guides created by technical assistance providers with a deep knowledge of the affordable homeownership industry.
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Measuring Impact

Housing professionals often spend a lot of time reporting data into multiple systems but have little knowledge about the actual difference their work is making. We believe that measuring, understanding, and demonstrating impact should be a seamless and painless part of day to day operations.

We’ve created HomeKeeper, a web-based, Salesforce.com app that helps programs manage their daily workflow and focus on meaningful social outcomes. Instead of just counting the number of houses they’ve built through their affordable homeownership programs, housing professionals can measure homebuyer success rates and the return on investment on the homes in their portfolio.
Learn more about Homekeeper

HomeKeeper National Data Hub
In addition, HomeKeeper users can opt-in to the HomeKeeper National Data Hub, which aggregates HomeKeeper data from affordable homeownership programs across the nation to create industry benchmarks and opportunities for side-by-side program comparisons.
Learn more about the HomeKeeper National Data Hub

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Developing Industry Standards

Affordable homeownership programs all across the country face a common set of challenges. To address these, we’ve launched an effort to develop industry standards.

Stewardship Principles
During the first quarter of 2010, several national organizations came together to explore the possibility of creating a set of voluntary national standards to guide local homeownership programs. From this effort involving over 100 stakeholders, we synthesized six Stewardship Principles, a set of high-level guidelines for implementing effective affordable homeownership programs.
Read more about the Stewardship Principles

Stewardship Standards
In 2013, with the National Community Land Trust Network, we began to reconvene the industry to translate these Principles into Stewardship Standards.
Discover the Stewardship Standards

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Supporting Local Policy Initiatives

Inclusionary Housing
In communities across the country, Inclusionary Housing (IH) ordinances have been adopted to help preserve mixed income communities in gentrifying markets and to mitigate the need for new housing for new workers that accompanies growth. Some of these communities have subsequently found that their ordinances have not produced the desired results, and other communities have not yet adopted IH ordinances despite a clear need. We are laying the groundwork to support an ongoing national effort to support and expand local inclusionary housing policies and incorporate best practices into local ordinances.
Learn more about our Inclusionary Housing work

Policy Action Commitee Meeting
The Cornerstone Partnership and the National Community Land Trust Network have created a new Policy Action Committee (PAC) that is open to our members, partners, and allies. The PAC helps housing practitioners stay on top of federal policies and programs affecting their work, calls-to-action on advocacy campaigns and initiatives, and opportunities that can advance their programs and the field at large.
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Providing Technical Assistance & Consulting

We offer comprehensive technical assistance services to affordable homeownership and inclusionary housing programs. Over the past several years we have completed over 50 technical assistance engagements with non-profits and jurisdictions across the country. We have built a suite of assessment tools, decision guides, and sample templates that we use to help clients scale their capacity. Our clients represent a diverse group of advocates, practitioners, and policy makers, many of whom are also affiliates of national industry leaders such Habitat for Humanity, the National Community Land Trust Network, Housing Partnership Network, and NeighborWorks America.
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