About the Standards

The Stewardship Standards for Homeownership (“Standards”) are an educational resource for homeownership programs that promote long-term affordability. There are 32 essential standards with associated best practices in 6 program topic areas:

  1. Program and Business Planning
  2. Affordable Pricing
  3. Mortgage Financing
  4. Fair Housing and Buyer Selection
  5. Resales
  6. Support, Monitoring, and Enforcement

The Standards are intended to help programs that provide long-term affordable homeownership opportunities achieve better outcomes and reduce risk for homebuyers, programs, and communities. The Standards can serve a variety of stakeholders interested in the success of homeownership programs:

Practitioners: Learn about best practices and access resources that help implement them without reinventing the wheel. Validate that your program is meeting industry standards and communicate this to funders to make the case for supporting stewardship. Use the Standards as part of your strategic planning process to prioritize improvements over time.

Funders: Maximize the impact of your investment by supporting stewardship. Identify standards that align with your housing strategy goals. Incorporate these standards into your funding program to encourage grantees to adopt industry best practices.

Consultants: Help programs evaluate their strengths and weaknesses. Cornerstone’s suite of consultant tools can help you target specific and effective technical assistance to programs wishing to implement best practices.

Third-Party Entities (e.g. developer, realtor, nonprofit, private company): If you provide any form of homeownership administration or monitoring services, these Standards can help you make the case for why programs should implement best practices. You can improve program outcomes by including the relevant standards in the scope of services you offer or recommend.

Share Your Experience

Are you using the Standards in your work? We encourage you to share your success stories or ideas for improvements. Please leave comments below or email your feedback to cornerstone@affordableownership.org

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