Cornerstone Partnership, a program of Capital Impact Partners, led the development of the Standards in partnership with the National Community Land Trust Network (Network). The process focused on fairness, transparency, and ensuring wide and even participation among stakeholders with various opportunities for feedback. Over 150 stakeholders participated in this 15-month, collaborative process, which included the following activities:

Phase I: Gathering Insights (Fall 2013) We convened over 100 practitioners and experts participated in series of eight online working sessions to provide feedback on standards and best practices (access synthesized notes). An Advisory Committee of industry organizations was established to advise on the standards development process.

Phase II: Developing and Reviewing Draft (Spring 2014) Based on the insights gathered, Cornerstone and the Network developed a draft of the Standards and convened a Working Group to provide feedback.

Phase III: Finalizing Standards (Fall-Winter 2014) The Standards were updated to reflect feedback from the Working Group and to include resources that would help facilitate implementation.

Over time, the Standards may need to be revised to reflect changes identified by stakeholders. Cornerstone will invite participation in any future revision process. In the meantime, everyone is encouraged to submit feedback to