Video Learning Series – How to Set an Initial Affordable Price & Design a Resale Formula

Grasp key resale formula concepts in only 60 minutes!

Setting an effective affordable price and resale formula makes all the difference in whether a home stays affordable or gets lost to the market.

Across the country, significant amounts of public subsidy are being used to help families into homeownership. Policymakers and practitioners are turning to resale restrictions as a way to protect this investment and help more families build wealth. But making sure homes stay affordable over generations requires careful planning and design.

This video series will enable you to:

  1. Understand Basic Theoretical & Technical Concepts Quickly
    Get an overview of the basic terminology and key considerations in setting an affordable price. Learn about the pros and cons of the 3 most common resale formulas.
  2. Educate Stakeholders
    Help new staff, board members, local housing officials and other key stakeholders understand and improve your program design.
  3. Learn at Your Own Pace
    Obtain free, unlimited access to watch and re-watch five, short segments designed by top experts.

The series is great! I think it would be a great primer for those who don’t know the detail of our program but have to buy in to any changes—such as the members of the Affordable Housing Trust, the city manager, or the city council.

Anna Dolmatch, City of Cambridge

We showed the videos to a Board Member who lacked familiarity with housing terms. After watching the videos, he said that he finally understood the inherent issues with balancing a fair return and protecting the subsidy. He felt better equipped to support our model.

Suzanne Cabrera, Housing Leadership Council of Palm Beach County

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